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Bandsaw metal working machine MEBA - VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300, Year of manifacturing 2004

"Bandsaw metal working machine MEBA - VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300, Year of manifacturing 2004"

InsertionNo. # P0204982
Machine type: Bandsaw metal working machine
Year of manifacturing: 2004
Type: 335 DGA - 1300
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p205943
  • ID: P0204982
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  • 2024-03-06
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Buy MEBA - VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300:

Are you in search of a reliable metalworking bandsaw for your workshop? Consider investing in the MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300, a used bandsaw machine manufactured in 2004. This metal-cutting workhorse offers proven quality and precision for accurate cuts across various materials.

Key Features of the MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300 Bandsaw (2004):

Powerful Cutting Performance: The MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300 delivers a powerful cutting performance suitable for a variety of materials, from metals to plastics. Tackle diverse cutting tasks with ease and efficiency.

Manufacturing Year 2004: Built in 2004, this bandsaw combines time-tested technology with modern features. Engineered to meet the demands of contemporary workshops, it ensures reliability and longevity.

Precision Cuts: Achieve precise cuts with the MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300, a critical factor for the quality of your work. Its automatic features streamline the cutting process, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Versatile Applications: This bandsaw is versatile and suitable for a broad range of applications, from straightforward cuts to intricate profiles. Meet diverse cutting requirements with this robust and high-performing machine.

User-Friendly Operation: The MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300 is designed for user-friendly operation, facilitating easy handling in your workshop. The automatic functions optimize the sawing process, enhancing overall efficiency.

Why Choose a Used Bandsaw Machine?

Investing in a used bandsaw machine provides a cost-effective way to access high-quality cutting technology. Our MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300 bandsaws from 2004 undergo meticulous inspections to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Seize the opportunity to optimize your metal-cutting processes. Purchase a used MEBA VOLLAUTOMAT 335 DGA - 1300 bandsaw today and benefit from the perfect combination of performance and cost-effectiveness. Contact us now to inquire about availability and secure this outstanding bandsaw for your workshop.
Type of machine335 DGA - 1300
Year of manufacture2004
Total power requirement5 kW
Machine's weight2500 kg
Overall dimensions3600 x 2400 x 1900 mm
Cutting speed15-150 m/min
Cross-sectional diameter325 mm
Saw blade length4400 mm
Cutting width500 mm
Saw blade size4400 x 34 x 1,1 mm
Cutting/sawing area at 90° sheet material500 x 335 mm
Cutting/sawing area at 45° barrechts 330 / links 305 mm
Cutting/sawing area at 30° barrechts 180 mm
Cutting/sawing area at 45° Sheet steelre 320x335 / li 305x335 mm
Table height750 mm
Delivery periodsofort, ab Lager
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Bandsäge
Schnittbereich bei 90 Grad: rund: 325 mm
Schnittbereich bei 30 Grad: flach: re 170x335 mm
Metallbandsäge Vollautomat, Doppelgehrung
Mindestdrehzahl- und Sägebandüberwachung an derBandscheibe
Stufenlose Höheneinstellung über Höhenschaltleiste
Automatische Schnittdruck- und Vorschubüberwachung
Frequenzgeregelter AC-Antrieb 15-150 m/min
Hydraulische Materialvollhubspannung
Elektrischer Sägevorschub mit Kugelrollspindel
Stufenlos frequenzgeregelter Sägebandantrieb
Elektrischer Einschub über Kugelrollspindel
- Späneförderer
- Vorschubautomat
- Mikrodosiereinrichtung
- freibewegliches Bedienpult
- Bedienungsanleitung

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