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Chip Conveyor Behr SF 250, Year of manifacturing 1990

"Chip Conveyor Behr SF 250, Year of manifacturing 1990"

InsertionNo. # P0205480
Machine type: Chip Conveyor
Manufacturer: BEHR
Year of manifacturing: 1990
Type: SF 250
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p206441
  • ID: P0205480
  • 116
  • 2024-03-16
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Buy Behr SF 250:

Looking for a Reliable Solution? Buy a Used Chip Conveyor Behr SF 250 from the Year 1990!

Upgrade your manufacturing processes with the Behr SF 250 chip conveyor, a proven solution designed to streamline your operations and maintain a clean workspace. Manufactured in 1990, this chip conveyor offers a cost-effective way to enhance productivity and efficiency in your production environment.

Purchasing a used Behr SF 250 chip conveyor from 1990 comes with several benefits:

Proven Reliability: With a track record of reliable performance in various manufacturing settings, the Behr SF 250 chip conveyor ensures smooth chip handling and minimizes downtime.

Cost-Effectiveness: Buying a used chip conveyor from 1990 allows you to acquire a high-quality piece of equipment at a fraction of the cost of a new one. This means you can achieve maximum performance while staying within your budget.

Easy Integration: The Behr SF 250 chip conveyor is designed for seamless integration into your existing production setup. Its compact design and versatile mounting options eliminate the need for extensive modifications.

User-Friendly Operation: Operating and maintaining the Behr SF 250 chip conveyor is straightforward. With minimal maintenance requirements and intuitive controls, it ensures smooth operation of your production processes.

Invest in a used Behr SF 250 chip conveyor from 1990 and optimize chip disposal in your manufacturing facility. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing the Behr SF 250 and take your production environment to the next level!
  • Markus Hirsch GmbH

  • Herr Markus Hirsch
  • , Germany

  • Sent request
Type of machineSF 250
Year of manufacture1990
Total power requirement kW
width360 mm
Machine's weight0,75 t
Installation height250 mm
Overall dimensions3,2x0,7x1,6 m
Belt width250 mm
Delivery periodsofort
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Späneförderer
Transportlänge: 2200 mm
Förderhöhe: 1200 mm
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ausschließlich unsere Geschäfts-
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Über uns
mehr als 400 eigene Maschinen im Lager
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