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CNC Turning and Milling Machine INDEX G 300 L, Year of manifacturing 1998

"CNC Turning and Milling Machine INDEX G 300 L, Year of manifacturing 1998"

InsertionNo. # P0205263
Machine type: CNC Turning and Milling Machine
Manufacturer: INDEX
Year of manifacturing: 1998
Type: G 300 L
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p206224
  • ID: P0205263
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  • 2024-04-15
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  • Matthias Ehlers Werkzeugmaschinen
  • Matthias
  • Frau Emely Ehlers
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Buy INDEX G 300 L:

Purchase a Used CNC Turning and Milling Machine INDEX G 300 L (1998) with Siemens 840C Control

Are you in the market for a versatile CNC turning and milling machine to enhance your manufacturing capabilities? Consider investing in a used INDEX G 300 L, equipped with the reliable Siemens 840C control, manufactured in 1998. In this article, we'll delve into the features and benefits of this used CNC machine, highlighting why it could be the perfect addition to your workshop.

Why Choose the INDEX G 300 L?
The INDEX G 300 L is renowned for its precision, reliability, and versatility in handling both turning and milling operations. With the advanced Siemens 840C control system, it offers intuitive programming and a wide range of machining capabilities. Manufactured in 1998, this machine has a proven track record of delivering exceptional performance in various manufacturing environments.

Technical Specifications:

Model: INDEX G 300 L
Control: Siemens 840C
Year of Manufacture: 1998
Max. Turning Diameter: 380 mm
Max. Turning Length: 1050 mm
Max. Bar Diameter: 65 mm
Spindle Speed: 5000 RPM
Tool Changer: 12-station
Milling Spindle Speed: 6000 RPM
Weight: Approximately 8000 kg
Key Advantages:

Precision machining for high-quality results
Intuitive control system for easy programming
Versatile capabilities for a wide range of workpieces
Robust construction ensures long-term durability
Cost-effective solution when buying used
Why Buy Used?
Investing in a used CNC turning and milling machine like the INDEX G 300 L offers several advantages. Not only does it provide cost savings compared to purchasing new equipment, but it also allows you to benefit from a machine that has already proven its reliability and performance over the years. With proper maintenance, a used machine can continue to deliver exceptional results for many more years, making it a smart investment for your business.

The CNC turning and milling machine INDEX G 300 L with Siemens 840C control, manufactured in 1998, is an excellent choice for businesses seeking versatility and reliability in their machining operations. With its advanced features, precise machining capabilities, and user-friendly control system, it's well-suited for a variety of manufacturing tasks. By purchasing this used machine, you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality CNC technology at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to inquire about the availability of this CNC turning and milling machine and take your manufacturing capabilities to the next level!
  • Matthias Ehlers Werkzeugmaschinen

  • Frau Emely Ehlers
  • Hasselkamp 11, Germany

  • Sent request
Type of machineG 300 L
Year of manufacture1998
Control systemSiemens 840C
Speed range3.500 min/-1
Cutting diameter400 mm
Machine's weight9 t
Turning length1250 mm
Delivery periodnach Vereinbarung
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: CNC Dreh- und Fräszentrum
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gebrauchten Zustand.
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