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DLP/Micro-SLA 3D Systems ProJet 1200, Year of manifacturing 2014

"DLP/Micro-SLA 3D Systems ProJet 1200, Year of manifacturing 2014"

InsertionNo. # P0204794
Machine type: DLP/Micro-SLA
Manufacturer: 3D SYSTEMS
Year of manifacturing: 2014
Type: ProJet 1200
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p205755
  • ID: P0204794
  • 143
  • 2024-02-28
  • Price
  • 850,00

Buy 3D Systems ProJet 1200:

Embark on the journey of high-precision 3D printing with the opportunity to acquire the used DLP/Micro-SLA 3D Systems ProJet 1200 manufactured in the year 2014. This compact and powerful machine offers intricate details and precision, now available to bring your creative projects to life.

Why Choose the 3D Systems ProJet 1200?

The 3D Systems ProJet 1200 stands out for its DLP (Digital Light Processing) and Micro-SLA (Stereolithography) technologies, enabling precise and detailed 3D printing. With the manufacturing year of 2014, you gain access to a proven technology that continues to meet the highest standards in the 3D printing industry.

Key Advantages of the ProJet 1200:

Finest Details: Achieve impressive details and surface quality in your 3D printing projects.

Compact Design: Place the ProJet 1200 conveniently in your workspace for efficient use of space.

Precision: Rely on the established precision of 3D Systems for consistent and high-quality print results.

Why Buy Used?

Acquiring a used ProJet 1200 from the year 2014 offers a cost-effective way to enter the world of high-precision 3D printing. Save compared to new models without compromising on quality and performance.

Our Assurance:

Every used device undergoes careful inspection before sale to ensure it meets the high standards of 3D Systems. Transparent information about the machine's condition is available, and our team is ready to assist with any questions.

Contact Us Now:

Seize this opportunity to acquire the 3D Systems ProJet 1200 from the year 2014. Contact us for further details, a customized quote, and to discover how this precise printer can elevate your 3D projects to new heights.

Invest in the future of your creativity with the used ProJet 1200 - your key to the finest 3D print precision.
Type of machineProJet 1200
Year of manufacture2014
Machine's weightca. 10
Dimensions L x W x H230x230x370
Software3DSprint (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
BuildmaterialVsiJet FTX
Support materialNicht erforderlich
Build space (xyz)43x27x180mm
Format of the print filesSTL
Layer thickness0.03mm
Resolution (xy)56 micron (effektiv 585 DPI)
Power supply100-240V 50/60Hz
CommunicationLAN (Ethernet)
Vertical construction speed14mm pro Stunde
Der ProJet 1200 von 3D Systems ist kleiner als eine Kaffeemaschine, eignet sich für den täglichen Gebrauch und vor allem für die Dental- und Schmuckbranche. Die Post-Processing Unit ist im Gerät integriert.

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