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FDM/FFF BCN3D Epsilon W50, Year of manifacturing 2022

"FDM/FFF BCN3D Epsilon W50, Year of manifacturing 2022"

InsertionNo. # P0204797
Machine type: FDM/FFF
Manufacturer: BCN3D
Year of manifacturing: 2022
Type: Epsilon W50
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p205758
  • ID: P0204797
  • 143
  • 2024-02-28
  • Price
  • 6 950,00

Buy BCN3D Epsilon W50:

Explore the cutting-edge world of large-format 3D printing with the opportunity to acquire a used BCN3D Epsilon W50, crafted in the year 2022. This powerful machine is now available to transform your manufacturing processes with precision and efficiency.

Why Choose the BCN3D Epsilon W50?

The BCN3D Epsilon W50 stands out for its impressive performance and versatility. Utilizing Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) / Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology, it enables precise large-scale 3D printing. The manufacturing year 2022 guarantees that you'll benefit from the latest technological advancements.

Key Advantages of the BCN3D Epsilon W50:

Large Printing Volume: Tackle extensive projects with the generous print area of the BCN3D Epsilon W50.

Reliability: Trust in the proven quality of BCN3D for consistent and precise printing results.

Dual Extrusion System: Realize complex models with multiple materials or colors for enhanced designs.

Why Opt for a Used Model?

Acquiring a used BCN3D Epsilon W50 from the year 2022 provides the opportunity to invest in high-quality 3D printing technology without straining your budget. Save compared to new models without compromising on quality and performance.

Our Assurance:

Every used machine undergoes thorough inspection before sale to ensure it meets BCN3D's high standards. Transparent information about the machine's condition is available, and our team is ready to assist with any inquiries.

Contact Us Now:

Seize this opportunity to acquire the BCN3D Epsilon W50 from the year 2022. Contact us for further details, a customized quote, and to explore how this powerful machine can take your 3D printing projects to the next level.

Invest in the future of your production with the used BCN3D Epsilon W50 - your key to large-format, precise plastic 3D printing.
Type of machineEpsilon W50
Year of manufacture2022
Operating timeunter 50 Stunden
SoftwareBCN3D Stratos Slicing-Software
BuildmaterialBCN3D-zertifizierte Profile für BCN3D-Filamente / Offenes Filamentsystem
Build space (xyz)420 × 300 × 400 mm
Network connectionOffline-Druck: SD-Karte / Online-Druck: WLAN oder Ethernet
Number of nozzles2
Layer thickness0,05-0,5 mm
Die Maschine wurde sehr wenig genutzt, die Gesamtdruckzeit liegt bei unter 50 Stunden.


- CN3D Smart Cabinet (Unterschrank)

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