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FDM/FFF Makerbot Method, Year of manifacturing 2019

"FDM/FFF Makerbot Method, Year of manifacturing 2019"

InsertionNo. # P0204786
Machine type: FDM/FFF
Manufacturer: MAKERBOT
Year of manifacturing: 2019
Type: Method
Condition: neu
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p205747
  • ID: P0204786
  • 116
  • 2024-02-28
  • Price
  • 3 500,00

Buy Makerbot Method:

Looking to invest in a reliable FDM/FFF 3D printer without breaking the bank? Explore the benefits of acquiring a used Makerbot Method from the year 2019. This cutting-edge model has already proven its ability to deliver high-precision prints while ensuring user-friendly operation.

Why Buy a Used Makerbot Method (Manufactured in 2019)?
Reliable Performance: The Makerbot Method from 2019 is synonymous with proven print quality and dependable performance. Utilizing FDM/FFF technology, it consistently produces precise and high-resolution 3D models.

Cost-Efficiency: Opting for a used printer allows you to make significant savings without compromising on quality. Seize the opportunity to acquire a high-quality device at an affordable price.

Proven Technology: The Makerbot Method has received acclaim for its advanced technology and user-friendliness. By purchasing a model from the 2019 production year, you benefit from the latest improvements and innovations.

What to Consider When Making a Purchase?
Before making your decision, carefully inspect the printer's condition, paying particular attention to wear and tear on components such as nozzles and extruders. Ensure that all functions are working flawlessly and inquire about the maintenance history.

A used Makerbot Method from the 2019 production year is a cost-effective and reliable choice for 3D printing enthusiasts. Enjoy the advantages of proven technology and high-quality performance while being mindful of your budget. Find your ideal model today and embark on creative 3D projects with confidence!
Type of machineMethod
Year of manufacture2019
BuildmaterialPLA, TOUGH, Nylon, PETG, PETG CF, Metal UF 316L, Nylon, Nylon CF, Nylon 12, Carbon Fiber, SEBS 95A
Support materialRapid Rinse, PVA
Build space (xyz)152x190x196
Number of nozzles2
Layer thickness20-400 Mikrometer
CommunicationNetzwerk, USB, WiFi
Originalverpackter, nie benutzter MakerBot Method 3D Drucker zu verkaufen.

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