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Hardening machine - induction ITG 4-SPUR, Year of manifacturing 2001

"Hardening machine - induction ITG 4-SPUR, Year of manifacturing 2001"

InsertionNo. # P0203490
Machine type: Hardening machine - induction
Manufacturer: ITG
Year of manifacturing: 2001
Type: 4-SPUR
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p204451
  • ID: P0203490
  • 131
  • 2024-02-05
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  external diameter min.: 20 mm
  external diameter max.: 35 mm
  length min.: 70 mm
  lenght max.: 250 mm

The system is designed for hardening, drying and oiling cam tubes.
The bunkers are loaded and unloaded manually.
The system automatically removes the cam tubes from the loading bunker and places them
automatically in the unloading bunker. The cycle time depends on various parameters, such as workpiece length, workpiece diameter, number of hardening zones, lengths of the hardening zones and the hardening depth.

The complete system consists of:
1 x base frame with collecting tray for the quenching medium
1 x lifting beam for simultaneous infeed and outfeed of the cam tubes
1 x horizontal slide with servo geared motor for holding the HF oscillating circuit transformer for 4-fold inductor and 2x 4-fold showers
1 x loading crane for manual loading of the loading hopper
1 x loading hopper
1 x chamfer control and infeed chain with return
1 x Automatic unloading handling unit to discharge stations for finished parts, rejects or test parts
1 x unloading crane
1 x water installation for cooling water with cooling circuit monitoring
1x quenching agent installation with solenoid valves, bypass & adjusting taps for
supply to the showers
1 x Automatic blower dry and oil spray station with extraction and oil separation
1 x Protective grille with doors secured and locked by limit switches
1 x Control cabinet with Siemens control unit
1 x drip tray for oils and? quenching medium

- Emulsion comes from central system

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