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Horizontal Boring Machine PAMA Speedmat 2 160, Year of manifacturing 2012

"Horizontal Boring Machine PAMA Speedmat 2 160, Year of manifacturing 2012"

InsertionNo. # P0205464
Machine type: Horizontal Boring Machine
Manufacturer: PAMA
Year of manifacturing: 2012
Type: Speedmat 2 160
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p206425
  • ID: P0205464
  • 121
  • 2024-03-16
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Buy PAMA Speedmat 2 160:

Looking to enhance your machining capabilities with a reliable and efficient Horizontal Boring Machine? Consider purchasing the used PAMA Speedmat 2 160, crafted in the year 2012, equipped with the advanced Siemens 840 D control system.

The PAMA Speedmat 2 160 is renowned for its precision engineering and robust performance in various machining applications. Built to handle demanding tasks with ease, this machine ensures high-quality results and consistent productivity.

With the Siemens 840 D control system, operating the PAMA Speedmat 2 160 becomes effortless. Benefit from intuitive controls, advanced programming capabilities, and seamless integration into your manufacturing processes. Experience enhanced efficiency and precision in every machining operation.

Investing in a used PAMA Speedmat 2 160 with Siemens 840 D control is a cost-effective solution to expand your machining capabilities without compromising on quality. Maximize your production output while minimizing downtime and operational costs.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your machining operations. Purchase the used PAMA Speedmat 2 160 with Siemens 840 D control today and unlock new levels of productivity and performance. Contact us now for more details and to request a quote.
Type of machineSpeedmat 2 160
Year of manufacture2012
Control systemSiemens 840 D
Tool holderHSK A 100
spindel speed- 3.500 U/min
x-travel3000 mm
y-travel2500 mm
z-travel3200 mm
max. Table load12 t
Total power requirement kW
Machine's weightca. 88 t
Container change:
Spindle diameter160 mm
Overall dimensions14,5 x 10,5 x 5,5 m
FeedArbeitsgang 0,5/10000 mm/min
Pallet table/pallet size1600 x 1600 mm
W-axis travel800 mm
Traverse3000 mm
Spindle power52 kW
Delivery periodnach Vereinbarung
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Tischbohrwerk
Maschinenbett Z-Achse:
Ständer Y-Achse:
-Vorschub Eilgang 30000 mm/min
-Vorschub Arbeitsgang 0,5/10000 mm/min
-Nominaldrehmoment des Achsantriebs 27 Nm
-Max. Spindeldrehzahl 3500 U/min
-Axialer Verfahrweg der Arbeitsspindel 800 mm
-Nominaldrehmoment des Spindelantriebs 2396 Nm
-Leistung Spindelantrieb 52 kW
Tisch X-Achse:
-Verfahrweg 3000 mm
-Vorschub Eilgang 30000 mm/min
-Vorschub Arbeitsgang 0,5/10000 mm/min
Tisch B-Achse:
-Tischrotation 360 °
-Drehzahlgeschwindigkeit 5 rpm
-Vorschub Arbeitsgang 0,005/5 mm/min
-Tisch 1600x1600 mm
-Tragfähigkeit 12000 kg

Werkzeugmagazin vom Typ Rack:
-Maximalkapazität Werkzeugmagazin 306
-Abstand zwischen den Werkzeugplätzen 110 mm
-Maximaler Werkzeugdurchmesser 105 mm
Automatisches Kopfmagazin mit 2 Positionen für:
- Automatischer Universalkopf TS 20 360 S164:
-Werkzeugaufnahme A 100 HSK
-Spindeldurchmesser 128.57 mm
-Maximale Spindeldrehzahl 2500 U/min
-Indexierung 360 Positionen/ 1°
- Spindelunterstützung
- Dokumentation

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