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Lasersintern SLS EOS P385, Year of manifacturing 2005

"Lasersintern SLS EOS P385, Year of manifacturing 2005"

InsertionNo. # P0204787
Machine type: Lasersintern SLS
Manufacturer: EOS
Year of manifacturing: 2005
Type: P385
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p205748
  • ID: P0204787
  • 132
  • 2024-02-28
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Buy EOS P385:

Explore the realm of 3D printing affordably by acquiring a used Lasersintern SLS EOS P385 from the year 2005. This innovative 3D printer from EOS harnesses the proven Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, allowing for the production of highly precise and functional parts. Learn why purchasing a used EOS P385 from 2005 is a savvy investment.

Why Buy a Used Lasersintern SLS EOS P385 from 2005?
Cost-Effective Entry: Acquiring a used EOS P385 from 2005 provides an entry into the world of laser sintering without a substantial upfront investment. Enjoy the benefits of a high-quality 3D printer at an affordable price point.

Proven Performance: The EOS P385 has established itself as a reliable and powerful 3D printer. The technology from 2005 is synonymous with robust construction and the ability to produce intricately detailed parts with precision.

Versatility in Materials: The SLS technology of the EOS P385 enables the use of a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and composite materials. Unleash your creativity and manufacture functional prototypes or end-use products with ease.

Experienced Manufacturer: EOS is a renowned manufacturer in the industrial 3D printing sector. The EOS P385 benefits from the company's extensive experience and expertise in delivering reliable and efficient 3D printing solutions.

When purchasing a used Lasersintern SLS EOS P385 from 2005, it's essential to assess the printer's condition and verify that it has undergone regular maintenance. Ensure that all necessary documentation is included to facilitate a seamless integration into your 3D printing workflow.

Open new possibilities in 3D printing by investing in the proven Lasersintern SLS EOS P385. Seize the advantages of this cost-effective option and bring your creative projects to life with the reliability of this 3D printer.
Type of machineP385
Year of manufacture2005
Machine's weightca. 1100
Dimensions L x W x H1840x1175x2100
Support materialNicht erforderlich
Build space (xyz)340x340x620
Layer thickness0.1-0.15mm
CommunicationLAN (Ethernet)
Dimensions of control panel in mm (w x d x h)950x700x1550
Dimensions of powder conveyor in mm (w x d x h)1480x1170x1470
Dimensions of unpacking station in mm (w x d x h)1190x620x1500
Recommended size of the installation space in M4.3x3.9x3.0
EOS P385 Lasersinter-Anlage zu verkaufen.

Enthaltenes Zubehör:

1 Stck. Normfinish Sandstrahler

1 Stck. Thermochiller ThermoTec Bj.05/2006

1 Stck. Entpack- und Sieb-Station P380 3S Bj.08/2006

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