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Machining Center - Vertical Axon VMC 1270

"Machining Center - Vertical Axon VMC 1270, Year of manifacturing neu"

InsertionNo. # P0100914
Machine type: Machining Center - Vertical
Manufacturer: AXON
Year of manifacturing: neu
Type: VMC 1270
Condition: neu
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p101538
  • ID: P0100914
  • 13017
  • 2019-09-09
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  • on request

Buy Axon VMC 1270:

Elevate your machining capabilities with the Vertical Axon VMC 1270 Machining Center, a powerhouse of precision and efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge control options including Fanuc 0i, Heidenhain iTNC 530, Sinumerik 828 D, and Sinumerik 840 D sl, this vertical machining center is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing.

Key Features of the Vertical Axon VMC 1270 Machining Center:

Versatile Control Options: Choose the control system that suits your specific requirements. Whether it's the renowned Fanuc 0i, Heidenhain iTNC 530, Sinumerik 828 D, or Sinumerik 840 D sl, the Vertical Axon VMC 1270 provides flexibility for various machining applications.

Precision Engineering: Achieve unparalleled precision with the Vertical Axon VMC 1270. This machining center is engineered to deliver high-accuracy results, ensuring that every component meets stringent quality standards.

Efficient Workflow: Streamline your production process and increase efficiency. The Vertical Axon VMC 1270 is designed for optimal workflow, allowing you to maximize productivity without compromising on precision.

Robust Construction: Built for durability, this machining center is constructed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty machining operations. It ensures stability and reliability, even in challenging manufacturing environments.

User-Friendly Interface: Seamlessly control and program your machining tasks with the user-friendly interface of the selected control system. Whether you opt for Fanuc, Heidenhain, or Sinumerik, the intuitive controls empower operators of all skill levels.

Customization Options: Tailor the Vertical Axon VMC 1270 to your specific needs. With multiple control options available, you can customize the machining center to align perfectly with your production requirements and machining preferences.

Invest in the future of machining technology with the Vertical Axon VMC 1270 Machining Center. Enhance your precision engineering capabilities and stay ahead in today's competitive manufacturing landscape. Contact us now to inquire about purchasing this state-of-the-art machining solution for your business.
  • Axon Services GmbH

  • Herr Tobias Hofmann
  • Wangenerstraße 96, Germany

  • Sent request
Type of machineVMC 1270
Year of manufactureneu
Control systemFanuc 0i/Heidenhain iTNC 530/Sinumerik 828 D / Sinumerik 840 D sl
Tool holderSK40 (DIN 69871)
Speed range10.000 U/min
max. Table load1.200 kg
Table dimensions1300 x 600 mm
Number of tools in the magazine30 Stück
Allgemeiner Aufbau
Stabile Gussausführung
Kreuztischbauweise mit festem Ständer
Direktgekoppelte Achs-Servomotoren
Thermosymetrischer Spindelstock

TOS 010
T-Nuten (Breite x Abstand x Anzahl) 18T x 100 mm x 5
Abstand Spindelnase – Tisch 150 – 800 mm
Eilgang max. (X / Y / Z) 30 / 30 / 25 m/min
Kugelrollspindel X / Y / Z
(Durchmesser x Steigung) 40 x P10 mm
Anzugsbolzen DIN 69872
Leistung Spindelmotor 22 kW
Drehmoment 140 Nm
Werkzeugdurchmesser max. ø 80 mm
Werkzeugdurchmesser mit freien
Nebenplätzen max. ø 110 mm
Werkzeuglänge max. 250 mm
Werkzeuggewicht max. 7 kg
Werkzeugwechselzeit (Werkzeug – Werkzeug) cirka 2 Sekunden
Werkzeugverwaltung Random
Positioniergenauigkeit P in X, Y, Z ± 3 µm
Wiederholgenauigkeit Ps in X, Y, Z ± 2 µm
Allgemeine Daten
Führungen Rollen Linearführungen in 3 Achsen
Druckluftanschluss 6 bar
Druckluftverbrauch ca. 400 l/min.
Kühlmitteltank Fassungsvermögen 501 Liter
(abhängig von gewählten Optionen) 35 kVA
(abhängig von gewählten Optionen) 400 V – 50 Hz
Abmessungen L x T
Späneförderer + 835 mm
(abhängig von gewählten Optionen) 3.398 x 2.221 mm
(abhängig von gewählten Optionen) 7.470 kg
RS 232-Schnittstelle
Ausblasen der Werkzeugaufnahme in der Spindel
Geschlossene Umhausung
2 Arbeitsraumleuten (Halogen)
Satz Aufstellelemente

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