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Sheet Metal Deburring Machine KLAASSEN RZ 15, Year of manifacturing 2019

"Sheet Metal Deburring Machine KLAASSEN RZ 15, Year of manifacturing 2019"

InsertionNo. # P0203545
Machine type: Sheet Metal Deburring Machine
Manufacturer: KLAASSEN
Year of manifacturing: 2019
Type: RZ 15
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p204506
  • ID: P0203545
  • 104
  • 2024-02-08
  • Price
  • on request


Looking to enhance your sheet metal deburring process? Explore the option to buy a used KLAASSEN RZ 15 Sheet Metal Deburring Machine, manufactured in the year 2019 and equipped with advanced CNC control – the perfect solution for precision deburring needs.

The KLAASSEN RZ 15 is renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. With CNC control, operating this machine becomes even more efficient and precise, ensuring excellent results. Benefit from cutting-edge technology and innovative features, courtesy of the 2019 manufacturing year.

Investing in a used Sheet Metal Deburring Machine allows you to acquire top-notch quality at a cost-effective price point. Our KLAASSEN RZ 15 has been meticulously maintained and is ready to elevate your deburring process to new heights.

Reasons to choose the KLAASSEN RZ 15:

Precision deburring with CNC control
Reliable performance for optimal results
State-of-the-art technology from the 2019 manufacturing year
Cost-effective solution through the purchase of a used machine
Seize this opportunity to boost the efficiency of your manufacturing process. Contact us today for more information on the used KLAASSEN RZ 15 Sheet Metal Deburring Machine from the year 2019 with CNC control. Make your operations future-ready!
Type of machineRZ 15
Year of manufacture2019
Total power requirement kW
Motor capacity: YASKAWA SGMRV-20ANA-YR11
Machine's weight t
Milling spindle: Fabrikat AMTRU (CH), Type Flexicut 250
Overall dimensions m
Gear: ZAE Hamburg, Typ: S100B-1300/65-HOX-72.0:1-3000
Delivery periodauf Anfrage
Price Auf Anfrage
Design: mit Yaskawa-Servoachse + ZAE-Schneckenservogetriebe
Maschinenart: Blechentgratungsmaschine
6-Achsen Industrieroboter YASKAWA MH50
2 CNC-Rundtische
1. Drehtisch 1 und Drehtisch 2
begrenzt Nmax=1.300 1/min
Untersetzung I= 1:72
Nmax.: Untersetzung und Nmax. Motor entspricht 120°/sec am Tisch
Mdnenn. Abtrieb = 828 Nm
Maximales zentrisches Beladegewicht = 15 kN
Zentrierkraft von Innen nach Außen spannend = 7.540 N @ 6 bar
Zentriergenauigkeit im Greifer = 0,05 mm [PA]
Drehfeldeinschränkung je nach Kabel und Schlauchsituation
Vorgesehen ± 720° (In Robotersteuerung so vorsehen)

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