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Terms and Conditions Industry Pilot

1. General terms and conditions

  • 1.1. For the use of the website "Industry Pilot" attention should be paid to the following terms of use. Each juristic or natural person who has already done a registration on this website (see point 2) and who has agreed on the terms of use, is allowed to utilise the services of "Industry Pilot".
  • 1.2. The administration of this website always tries to improve the offered service, the function, the design and the positve image of "Industry Pilot". This is the reason why the administration owns the following rights without informing the user:
    • a) The modification, correction and addition of aspects in function and design of the website.
    • b) Correcting the content of the website.
    • c) Doing a modification, correction and addition on the given rules.
    • d) Limiting or removing (deleting) the insertions which suit in form, content and significance (see point 3);
    • e) User who ignore any rules and terms of use, will be removed from the database of this website;
    • f) Delaying the insertions to a fitting rubric of the website and informing the user of certain modifications.
  • 1.3. The modification, addition or correction of the terms and conditions count from the date of publication on the website.
  • 1.4. The administration is not responsible for the text content and graphic representation of the released insertions, information and links (which lead to relevant website).
  • 1.5. The use and duplicating of certain texts, graphic materials and designing elements which are given by the administration of the website. The determined convention for a functional portal is not possible without an agreement of the administration.

2. The registration

  • 2.1. Users who fill in the designated schedule and agree with the terms of use, are allowed to use the services of this website.
  • 2.2. Mandatory field are marked by (*).
  • 2.3. Infilling each field of the registration schedule helps to get a better integration of the users` information in the database of the website and a effective function of "Industry-Pilot".
  • 2.4. The registered users own the following advantages:
    • a) Adding, editing and deleting the insertions;
    • b) Uploading three images per inseration;
    • c) Following the number of clicks relating to the insertions;
    • d) Getting the request of the potential buyer.;

3. Position and content of the insertions.

  • 3.1. Users who registered themselves are allowed to place the insertions who suit the content of the wesite.
  • 3.2. By publishing the insertions, the user agrees with the terms and conditions (see rules) of the website. The user also agrees with the inscription of his stated information in the database.
  • 3.3. The administration has the right to remove and to limit the insertions:
    • a) Those who do not suit the subject of the website because of the design or content;
    • b) Whose content or grapic representation is illegal, unmoral or abusive;
    • c) Those who hurt the copyright and market law.
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