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Дисковая пила/автомат RATTUNDE ACS102/2/BM+BDM+WDM+SRT+PI

"Дисковая пила/автомат RATTUNDE ACS102/2/BM+BDM+WDM+SRT+PI"

Объявление # P0178959
Тип: Дисковая пила/автомат
Производитель: RATTUNDE
Год выпуска: 2008
Модель/Тип: ACS102/2/BM+BDM+WDM+SRT+PI
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p179787
  • ID: P0178959
  • 353
  • 2023-03-04
  • Цена
  • по запросу

Technical Specification
cutting capacity round:   102 mm
Electrical specifications
total power consumption:   125 kW
mains voltage:   400 V
mains frequency:   50 Hz
Dimensions / weights
space requirements -left/right-:   14226 mm
space requirements -front/back-:   8325 mm
total height:   2700 mm
total weight approx.:   23765 kg
44'800 operation hours (24.Jan.2022)

Material parameters:
- Round tube Ø 10- 102mm (starting from wall thickness 0.8mm)
- Solid material Ø 10-102mm (depending on weight)
- Starting material 3000 - 6500mm

- up to 2500 pcs/h in single cut
- up to 10`000 pcs/h 4-fold cut

- ± 0.15mm

- Material is placed in bundle magazine (BM)
- Separation of the material
- First cut is sawn and goes into the chip conveyor (ACS)
- Material is clamped and cut
- Pipe or shaft is transported away with 3axis CNC handling on the left or right side
- workpiece is deburred with brush deburring machine (BDM)
- 100% longitudinal measurement can be made and statistically recorded
- Washing machine and dryer (WDM)
- placed in suitable stacking containers

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