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Форматно-обрезной круглопильный станок Formatkreissäge Altendorf F45 Pro Drive

"Форматно-обрезной круглопильный станок Formatkreissäge Altendorf F45 Pro Drive"

Объявление # P0160758
Тип: Форматно-обрезной круглопильный станок
Производитель: ALTENDORF
Модель/Тип: F45 Pro Drive
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p161583
  • ID: P0160758
  • 141
  • 2021-09-02
  • Цена
  • 22 100,00

МодельF45 Pro Drive
Available from around week 42
- New -
Basic equipment:
- The new F 45 is a masterpiece in technology and design. The one from the ground up
 on newly designed machine frames exceeds all previous values
 in terms of torsional rigidity and low vibration. The smooth one
 The front and the footroom on the ground let you get closer to that
 Sliding table saw and on the workpiece. The constructively adapted,
 legendary smooth sliding sliding table is still the measure of all
 Things when it comes to precision cuts and freedom from maintenance. In addition
 The controls come at eye level that lets you adjust the height and pan
 of the saw blade plus, depending on the control package selected, the speed and
 call further functions. The new, clear industrial design marks
 the exceptional position of the Altendorf brand: This sliding table saw hits
 characterful design with timeless aesthetics.
- 3.5 "color screen with separate keyboard
- Automatic dimension correction at the parallel and angle stop when swiveling the
  Saw unit
- Easy calibration of the axes
- Machine diagnosis, operating hours counter, USB interface
- Calling up the last dimension input (back function)
- 99 storable cutting programs
- Grooves: with automatic step-by-step positioning of the rip fence
- 400V / 50Hz - Europe scale: scale in mm
Order no. M18150
 Contains the components:
- Cutting height package
- Rip fence 1,000 mm with Digit X
- front support roller
- On and off switch on the sliding table
- 400V / 50Hz - Europe, scale: scale in mm
Order no. M18174
- machine height 910 mm (basic equipment)
Order no. M44249
- Operation at eye level
 The control panel of the F 45 is at eye level
 appropriate. In this way, all axes can be conveniently controlled, all of them
 Attitudes are in view. One-handed operation of the
 The swiveling device is from the working position in front of the machine
 Easily accessible. Another advantage: on the smooth machine front
 Nothing stands in your way.
Order no. M64099
- Extended cutting height on one side PAK M part of the package
 This option is for the unilateral
 Swiveling with a large suction hood for a max.
 Saw blade diameter of 550 mm and a saw blade protrusion
 of max. 204 mm. In combination with a scoring unit
 the maximum saw blade diameter is 500 mm or 179 mm
 Cutting height
Order no. M64089
- max.blade diameter 550 mm
 Option: The F 45 is equipped with a parallelogram protection device
 equipped with two hoods for 90 ° and angled cuts
 continuously adjustable in height, self-holding. By the great
 The protective device adapts automatically to the pressure roller in the infeed
 The maximum saw blade diameter is 550
 mm. This achieves a saw blade protrusion of max. 204 mm.
Order no. M64098
- Motor 7.5 kW (10 HP) 3 speed
 Option: one-sided swiveling saw unit with 7.5 kW (10 HP
 Motor, manually adjustable to 3/4/5000 rpm. Swivel range: 0-46 °,
 equipped with the AKE quick-change system for the
 Main saw blade. The motors are specially made according to Altendorf specifications
 manufactured and are optimized for use with sliding table saws. they
 have a torque that is 20% higher than commercially available
 Electric motors with the same power consumption.
Order no. M51101
- Table top extension 840 mm consisting of
 a CDF board with HPL coating on both sides. She is special
 Insensitive to scratches and bumps. This prevents damage to the
 Workpiece sustainably avoided.
Order no. M41010
- Sliding trolley, trolley length 3200 mm
 The Altendorf sliding table is famous for its ease of movement
 and the precise run. It can be locked in any position.
 The large double rollers, precision machined from hardened steel,
 hold the superstructure in connection with the undercarriage with absolute precision
 in the respective hard chrome-plated round guide rods. This
 Running quality is even with decades of stress and
 Maintain pollution. The carriage construction is as extreme
 torsion-resistant and dimensionally stable multi-cavity system. The
 The table surface is precisely planed and anodized. As a recording for
 the cross slide and as an interface for various accessories is a
 hard chrome-plated round rod, which form-fit into the superstructure
 is let in. The entire unit is low-maintenance and does not require any
Order no. M34204
- On / off switch on the DRW PAK M
 Package: The on / off switch on the sliding table is always directly on
 Hand. Both the main saw blade and the
 Scorer switched on and off. That saves walking and sucks for more
Order no. M37001
- Angle stop 3200 mm PAK
 Basic equipment: angle stop with fixed 90 ° position,
 Cutting to length up to 3200 mm. The angle stop is a daily helper
 bei precision cuts of workpieces of various lengths and
 Formats. The play-free and robust stop flaps can easily
 moved and as a single flap over the entire area up to max.
 3200 mm can be set. With cut-to-length dimensions from approx. 1560 mm
 The roller-supported and stable telescopic extension takes over the
 outer stop flap. The entire cross slide is driven by a
 Precision-made, prismatic support on the
 Round bar of sliding table clamped eccentrically. The
 Locking is done with one hand, the system is through one
 Safety mechanism against accidental slipping out
 The stop can easily be moved without lifting from the front
 be moved to the rear position.
 Including: two single tilt stops
Order no. M44402
- Rip fence Digit_X 1000mm PAK M
 Option: rip fence with DIGIT X and manual fine adjustment,
 Cutting width 1000 mm. The stop is easy to adjust and thanks
 the fine adjustment can be adjusted very precisely manually. The
 The stop is easy to move thanks to the precision-ground,
 hard chrome-plated round rod system with a diameter of 50
 mm. If large panels are to be divided, the stop can be used with
 can be swiveled under the table level with one handle. The
 Stop profile made of 3-sided machined, anodized aluminum, can
 Repeatedly fixed with an eccentric handle, either raised or flat
 become. The digital cutting width display guarantees the exact,
 quick adjustment of the rip fence. Recurring
 Cutting values ??are exactly reproducible and in the DIGIT X display
 read. When the saw blade is tilted, the dimension correction for the
 Digital rip fence in the machine controls LCD display
 displayed. The system works without wear and is
 insensitive to dust. When turning the stop rail into the
 In the upright or flat position, the dimensions are corrected automatically.
Order no. M44049
- Front support roller PAK HG
 Option: The front support roller is with a width of 300 mm
 Cutting long workpieces on the rip fence is helpful
 Support. It can be turned 90 ° under the
 Sliding table (minimum length 3000 mm) can be positioned.
Order no. M44451
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