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Форматно-обрезной круглопильный станок Formatkreissäge SCM Holzkraft sc 3 c 26

"Форматно-обрезной круглопильный станок Formatkreissäge SCM Holzkraft sc 3 c 26"

Объявление # P0158660
Тип: Форматно-обрезной круглопильный станок
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p159442
  • ID: P0158660
  • 57
  • 2021-06-10
  • Цена
  • 4 479,00


- Cutting plane directly on the sliding carriage
- Heavy steel gray cast iron construction
- Precision guided format sliding carriage
Made of aluminum, standard anodized
- Large table boom on telescopic arm
guided and longitudinally displaceable
- Extendible telescopic aluminum stop,
angle adjustable with professional stop flaps
- Rip fence with quick tension and fine adjustment
- Large worktable made of milled gray cast iron
remains permanently plan
- The standard table extension and table extension
extension allow easy work with larger ones
- Quiet running and precise cuts
- Equipped with powerful three-phase motor
- The large-sized saw unit off
Gray cast iron is attached to the casting table twice and is
a guarantee for stability, precision, smoothness and
long lifetime
- Maximum cutting height is also built-in
Vorritzeinrichtung achieved

Made in Italy

Room amenities:
- Large dimensioned, made of steel / gray cast iron
- Close to the saw blade, mounted on both sides
for precision, smoothness and long life
- Height adjustable by crank and up to 45 °
- Maximum cutting height is also built-in
Vorritzeinrichtung achieved
- Also available with scoring unit

telescopic fence
- Extendable telescopic stop up to max. 2550 mm
- Adjustable angle
- With professional stop flaps

Aluminum sliding table
- With thousandfold proven ball contact system
- Dust and dirt resistant by
minimal point of contact between ball and
trapeze bar
- 10 year wood-power warranty on wear of the

Rip fence with round bar guide
- With fine adjustment and quick tension
- Sturdy round rod guide made of ground
Steel with 45 mm diameter
- Foldable as standard for cutting large

Technical specifications:
Dimensions and weights
-Weight about 385 kg
Connection dust extraction
-Absaugstutzendurchmesser 120 mm
-Absaugstutzendurchmesser saw blade protection 60 mm
Electrical data
Output drive motor 5.0 kW
Connection voltage 400V
Sliding table and table
Format slide carriage length 2600 mm
Format slide width 270 mm
Format slide carriage height 124 mm
Table length 840 mm
Table width 560 mm
Table height 900 mm
Circular saw unit and scorer
Cutting width with rip fence 900 mm
-Max. Cutting width to the left of the saw blade 2310 mm
-Besäumlänge 2600 mm
Saw blade inclination 90 - 45 °
-Max. Cutting height 90 ° 90 mm
-Max. Cutting height 45 ° 63 mm
Diameter (main) saw blade 315 mm
Speed ??(main) saw blade 4000 min¯¹
-vpe 1

- Table extension and table extension
- Anodized aluminum sliding carriage
- Aluminum hinged stops
- Rip fence with round bar guide and F
fine adjustment

Item No. 5504326

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