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Эксцентриковый пресс - одностоечный SCHULER PEDR 250/400

"Эксцентриковый пресс - одностоечный SCHULER PEDR 250/400"

Объявление # P0178915
Тип: Эксцентриковый пресс - одностоечный
Производитель: SCHULER
Год выпуска: 1968
Модель/Тип: PEDR 250/400
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p179743
  • ID: P0178915
  • 421
  • 2023-03-04
  • Цена
  • по запросу
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Press forces
total force (nominal):   250 to
Press Table
table surface (left-right):   1150 mm
table surface (front-back):   850 mm
stroke:   140 mm
stroke rate (max.):   42 /min
slide (mechan. Press)
stroke adjustment:  yes
stroke min.:   30 mm
stroke max.:   140 mm
variable speed:  no
Tool Assembly Dimensions
shut height (stroke down, adjustment up), BDC:   650 mm
throat (C-frame):   400 mm
Electrical specifications
total power consumption:   17.5 kW
mains voltage:   380 V
Dimensions / weights
total height:   1800 mm
height above floor level:   2800 mm
height under floor level:   3500 mm
total weight approx.:   16000 kg
Rebuilt in 2008 and since then stored without working in production.

This machine arrived with the slide already well repaired, apparently at some point a corner was broken, and later they were working with it without any problem.

In 2008 the whole machine has been dismantled and checked all its components; everything was adjusted before and after assembly; check of lubrication, check of change of courses, check of clutch, check of electrovalves and pneumatic system, motor and electrical system, parallelism of table-carriage, etc. and new paint. Leaving the machine in perfect working order.

Security lock, pneumatic compensator, pneumatic clutch-brake, automatic lubrication pump.

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