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Комб. фуговально-рейсмусовый станок Abricht-/Dickenhobelmaschine SCM Holzkraft fs 30c TERSA

"Комб. фуговально-рейсмусовый станок Abricht-/Dickenhobelmaschine SCM Holzkraft fs 30c TERSA"

Объявление # P0158616
Тип: Комб. фуговально-рейсмусовый станок
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p159398
  • ID: P0158616
  • 33
  • 2021-06-10
  • Цена
  • 3 099,00

- NEW -

- With TERSA cutter block for seconds
 Change planer knives
- TERSA planing knife system enables particularly
 quiet running
- Helical-toothed steel feed roller for
 constant and even wood intake
- The particularly long planing tables from one
 Piece allow easy dressing of the
 Work pieces
- Large planing fence can open when opening
 the planing tables remain in position
- Planing tables that open to the rear
- The high machine weight ensures the highest
 Precision and smooth running
- Powerful industrial engine
- Robust steel / cast iron construction
- work tables are made of gray cast iron,
 post-annealed and stress-free, thereby
 insensitive and permanently flat
- Table lips for quiet running

Equipment details
TERSA planing knife shaft

- No more adjusting and screwing
- Blade change in seconds
- Self-locking
- Particularly quiet
- Perfect planing result

Suction hose connection

- The suction nozzle of the planer and thickness
 point in the same direction.
- The hose connection is made by just one
 Side off.
- No hose is needed around
 the machine passes around.


 - Stable chain drive
 - Steel drive wheels
 - Solid cast iron bearing block

Planing mill

- Prevent massive kickback protection
 the kickback of workpieces
- TERSA planing knife shaft with three knives
 ensures an optimal planing pattern

The material feed

- Helical steel feed rollers for one
 constant and even material intake
 without prints
- Multiple teeth grip at the same time for powerful
- Wear-free in contrast to rubber feed

Technical specifications:
Length approx. 1725 mm
Width / depth approx. 880 mm
Weight approx. 270 kg
Dressing chip removal max. 4 mm
Extraction nozzle thickness 2 x 120 mm
Thick working height min. 3 mm
Thick working height max. 230 mm
Thickness of the chip removal max. 4 mm
Drive motor power 4 kW
Connection voltage 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Planer knife shaft type TERSA
Number of planing knives 3 pcs
Speed ??5200 min¯¹
Planing width max. 300 mm
Feed speed 7 m / min

Item No. 5503031

Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen
- free loaded-

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