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Кромкооблицовочный станок Mafell Nullfugenbekanter Typ HIT-M 65

"Кромкооблицовочный станок Mafell Nullfugenbekanter Typ HIT-M 65"

Объявление # P0159140
Тип: Кромкооблицовочный станок
Модель/Тип: Typ HIT-M 65
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p159922
  • ID: P0159140
  • 128
  • 2021-06-16
  • Цена
  • 9 450,00

МодельTyp HIT-M 65

Description Zero Joint Detector HIT-M 65:

All common zero joint edges with a material thickness of
0.4 mm - 3 mm can be machined with the HIT-M.
Locking the angle adjustment for the most common beveled edges
as well as freely adjustable angle up to 55 ° or 50 ° on the machining table BAT.
Freeforming and external radius are standard applications
of the HIT-M. Even inner radii from 10 mm can be easily implemented.
A clear arrangement of the controls makes the work
easy and intuitive with the HIT-M

Description Machining table BAT-V:

In conjunction with the processing table BAT, the mobile zero-gap header becomes a semi-stationary system. Due to the perfect workpiece support with adjustable ball rollers nearly all edging situations are possible.

Description downholder:
with roller for guiding workpieces in the BAT

Scope of delivery HIT M 65:

1 support table
1 nozzle brush
1 hexagon key 3 mm
1 hexagon key 4 mm
1 hexagon key 5 mm
1 hexagon key 6 mm
1 shackle with grub screw
1 connecting cable for electricity / compressed air

Scope of delivery BAT-V:

1 connection package (voltage / compressed air) 5m
1 vacuum system
(Vacuum plate around D 160 mm)
42 ballscrews

Technical Data Zero Joint Detector HIT-M 65:

Rated voltage: 230V
Nominal recording: 3050 W
Edge height: 10 - 65 mm
Edge thickness: 0.4 - 3.0 mm
Inner radius: min. 22 mm
Heating time: 30 s
Temperature max .: 520 ° C
Feed infinitely variable: 1 - 5.5 m / min
Weight: 10.8 kg
Working pressure: 2.5 bar

Technical Data Machining table BAT-V:

Overall dimensions: 790 x 663 x 1000 mm
Table top dimensions: 730 x 449 mm
Working height: 1000 mm
Angle adjustment: 0 - 55 °
Connection voltage: 230 V / 16A
Connection of compressed air max .: 10 bar
Weight: 12.0 kg

Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen

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