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Токарный станок с ЧПУ TRAUB TNE 300, г.в. 2000

"Токарный станок с ЧПУ TRAUB TNE 300, г.в. 2000"

Объявление # P0143062
Тип: Токарный станок с ЧПУ
Производитель: TRAUB
Год выпуска: 2000
Модель/Тип: TNE 300
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p143842
  • ID: P0143062
  • 390
  • 2020-11-13
  • Цена
  • по запросу
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МодельTNE 300
Год выпуска2000
Система управленияTRAUB Type TX 8 H
Масса станка3000
Максим. потребляемая мощность станка13
Диаметр обработки275
Длина точения450
turning diameter: 275 mm
turning length: 450 mm
control: TRAUB Type TX 8 H
total power requirement: 13 kW
weight of the machine ca: 3000 kg
dimensions of the machine ca: m

CNC - Controlled Slant Bed - Chucking Lathe
Model TNE 300 Year 2000 # 158

Turning-Ø normal approx. 275 mm
Turning-diam. above bed slideway max. 500 mm
Turning-diam. above cross slide max. 372 mm

Slide travel longitudinal 450 / 210 mm
Chuck-diam. max. 200 mm

Turning length / slide travel max. 450 mm
Main spindle bore approx. 65 mm
Tool Turret with 8 tool-bores each Ø 30 mm
Switch over time from tool to tool 0,78 sec.

Spindle speeds programmable max. up to 4.000 rev./min.
Turret slide infeed X/Z-axis 3.000/6.000 mm/min
Feeding force approx. 5/10 kN
Quick feed for X/Z Axis 12/18 m/Min.

Spindle drive max. 11 kW
Total electrical load approx. 13 kW - 400 V – 50 cycles
Weight approx. 3.000 kg

Accessories/Special Features:

· TRAUB 2 Axes-CNC- Path Control Model TX 8 H including colour monitor
and all the usual options, graphics, cycles, sub programs, electronic
hand wheel, second keyboard, cd-drive unit, etc.
• One 8-station turret head with approx. 10 tool holders ISO 30
• Built-in hydraulic unit for power-chuck, but not available anymore.
• Manual 3-jaws chuck FORKHARDT F 200 with Ø 200 mm, some extra jaws,
• Coolant facility, movable chip conveyor, lockable sliding doors,
foot pedals
• optical pre-setting device for the turret tools, built-on switch cabinet,

No tailstock available - No C-axis – no driven tools possible !

Machine is ideal for small production series, also good for training centre /
school, etc.

Condition : good to very good – can be inspected under power
Delivery : ex stock – as inspected
Payment : net – after completion of contract

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