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Вертикальный станок для раскроя плитных материалов Plattensäge Elcon Advance 215

"Вертикальный станок для раскроя плитных материалов Plattensäge Elcon Advance 215"

Объявление # P0160123
Тип: Вертикальный станок для раскроя плитных материалов
Производитель: ELCON
Модель/Тип: Advance 215
Состояние: Бу
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: p160948
  • ID: P0160123
  • 70
  • 2021-07-02
  • Цена
  • по запросу

МодельAdvance 215
Technical description:

Cutting height: vertical: 0 - 2,150 mm, horizontal: 80 - 2,050 mm
Cutting length: 5,300 mm
Cutting depth: 80 mm (with clamps: 55 mm)
Saw blade: diameter 303 mm, bore 30 mm, Z = 60 hollow roof tooth
Rotation of the saw blade: 5,000 rpm.
Motor: 4 kW (S 6)
Required air pressure: 6 bar
Measurement readout for horizontal saw cuts:
- using a scale from 0 - 2,070 mm
- using a strip cutting stop from 75 - 500 mm
Measurement readout for vertical saw cuts:
- on a scale from 0 - 1,300 mm
Extraction nozzle: 1 x 100 mm 1 x 120 mm

Equipment features:
- ADVANCE clamping system, consisting of: 2 pneumatic clamping pliers,
 the motorized on vertical axes on a recirculating ball screw from above
 move down. The tongs carry plates with a weight of
 max. 150 kg
- Torsion-free, free-standing machine frame
- Round rod guide, vertical and horizontal
- Pneumatically evasive slatted frame
- Finely adjustable folding stop with stop extension
- Fine adjustment for horizontal saw cuts via handwheel
- Strip cutting stop
- Manual programming rail with 5 slot nuts
- Pneumatic immersion of the saw unit
- 25 material support rollers
- 1 feed roller and 1 feed roller
- Pneumatic workpiece clamping device between the support rollers
- 3 central support elements, pneumatically folding out
- Pneumatic saw head locking
- Control panel with template holder
- Switch unit on the saw unit: start button, stop button
- Tool cabinet
- Illumination scale for vertical saw cuts

Order number: ELCO0001 / S013

Scope of delivery:
Equipment package I, consisting of:
- Digital display for the folding stop
- Digital display for the saw unit with incremental function
- pneumatically swiveling saw unit
- Scoring system with controlled counter air nozzle, numerical display
 for setting the scoring or groove depth and activating light
Order number: ELCO0191 / S085

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