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Зубозакруглительный фрезерный станок PRÄWEMA WA 400, г.в. 1988

"Зубозакруглительный фрезерный станок PRÄWEMA WA 400, г.в. 1988"

Объявление # P0112335
Тип: Зубозакруглительный фрезерный станок
Производитель: PRÄWEMA
Год выпуска: 1988
Модель/Тип: WA 400
Состояние: Б/у
Наработка: h
Реферальный номер: 1049-178051
  • ID: P0112335
  • 146
  • 2019-11-29
МодельWA 400
Год выпуска1988
Масса станка5
Мах. Модуль6
Максим. потребляемая мощность станка26
макс диаметр зубчатого колеса400
Число зубьев макс.99
max wheel diameter: 400 mm
max number of teeth: 99
max module: 6
total power requirement: 26 kW
weight of the machine ca: 5 t

P R A E W E M A (Germany)
CNC Gear Tooth Deburring Machine, continuous hobbing method
Model WA 400 Year 1988
Workpiece Ø, max. 400 mm
Number of teeth 16 - 99
Module range, max. 6

Workpiece speed, max. (2.2 kW) 80 rpm
Workspindle slide 400 mm
Tool speed, max. 3,000 rpm
Tool holder SK 30

Total electrical load, approx. 26 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight, approx. 5,000 kg

Accessories / Special Features
BWO (HECKLER & KOCH) CNC Control in 5 axes (plus another 2 axes for the loading device). Input via monitor. The control has all the supervision and fault diagnosis features necessary for fully automatic working process.
Swivelling tool spindle holder, mounted on cross table, with …
2 workspindle units, which can be set at any angle. Suitable for cutting with different directions of rotation because the cutting units can be set at different angles. (Additional settings can be made on the lower spindle.) Reproducible settings are possible because all slides are equipped with scales, Vernier scales, and digital measuring systems with display; and are clamped mechanically.
Hydraulically operated workpiece clamping device. Hydraulic tool clamping.
Synchronization of workpiece and tool spindle via electronic drive.
STROHTMANN Double Column Loading Device, with swivelling double gripper, and workpiece magazine with various workpiece holders, for fully automatic production.
Coolant equipment. Complete noise protection cabin. Central lubrication.
Separate hydraulic unit. Safety grids, etc.

The machine is suitable for deburring and pointing of gear teeth by hobbing method (very suitable for series of automobile gear parts). The advantages of this system are the short working time, especially with a large number of teeth, and low noise levels.

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