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Bandsaw metal working machine - horizontal KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA, Year of manifacturing 2008

"Bandsaw metal working machine - horizontal KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA, Year of manifacturing 2008"

InsertionNo. # P0201895
Machine type: Bandsaw metal working machine - horizontal
Manufacturer: KALTENBACH
Year of manifacturing: 2008
Type: KBC 410 NA
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p202856
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  • 2024-02-20
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  • Karl Günter Wirths GmbH
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Revolutionize your metalworking operations with the horizontal metal cutting powerhouse - the KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA, manufactured in 2008, and featuring the advanced Kaltenbach control system. Unlock the potential for precision, efficiency, and cost savings by investing in this used bandsaw that combines reliability with cutting-edge technology.

Key Features of the KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA:
The KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA, with its horizontal configuration, is designed to maximize precision and efficiency. The semi-automatic function streamlines operations, while the Kaltenbach control system ensures cutting-edge technology for precise and accurate cuts. Manufactured in 2008, this machine stands as a testament to reliability and performance.

Why Opt for a Used KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA?
Choosing a used KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA from 2008 provides access to high-quality technology at an affordable price point. This machine has proven its mettle in practical applications, offering a cost-effective alternative to new equipment. The Kaltenbach control system guarantees precise cutting, and the 2008 manufacturing year promises a track record of proven performance.

Technical Specifications Overview:

Year of Manufacture: 2008
Control: Kaltenbach
Function: Horizontal semi-automatic
Advantages of Your Purchase:

Cost Efficiency: Used machines offer top-notch quality at an attractive price.
Proven Technology: The KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA is renowned for precision and reliability.
Efficiency Boost: The semi-automatic function streamlines your workflow.
Advanced Kaltenbach Control: Achieve precise cutting with state-of-the-art control technology.
Invest in the future of your metalworking endeavors with the used KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA from 2008. This horizontal semi-automatic bandsaw offers proven quality, precision, and efficiency at a compelling price. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote for the KALTENBACH KBC 410 NA.
  • Karl Günter Wirths GmbH

  • Herr Holger Wirths
  • , Germany

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Type of machineKBC 410 NA
Year of manufacture2008
Control systemKaltenbach
Total power requirement7 kW
Machine's weight3,3 t
Cooling systemj/y
Drive power4 kW
Overall dimensions1,65 x 3,4 x 2,1 m
Operating voltage400 V
Cutting speed15- 120 m/min
Cross-sectional diameter410 mm
Saw blade length5920 mm
Cutting width410 mm
Saw blade size5920 x 41 x 1,3 mm
-6 mm
-9999 mm
Delivery periodsofort
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Bandsäge - horizontal
Horizontaler Bandsägeautomat.

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