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CNC Turning and Milling Machine SMEC (Samsung Machine Tools Company) NS 2000 BM, Year of manifacturing 2023

"CNC Turning and Milling Machine SMEC (Samsung Machine Tools Company) NS 2000 BM, Year of manifacturing 2023"

InsertionNo. # P0205471
Machine type: CNC Turning and Milling Machine
Year of manifacturing: 2023
Type: NS 2000 BM
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p206432
  • ID: P0205471
  • 91
  • 2024-03-26
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Buy SMEC (Samsung Machine Tools Company) NS 2000 BM:

Buy Used CNC Turning and Milling Machine: SMEC NS 2000 BM - 2023 Model with Sinumerik 828 D Operate Control

Looking to upgrade your manufacturing capabilities with a versatile CNC turning and milling machine? Consider purchasing the used SMEC NS 2000 BM manufactured in the year 2023, equipped with the Sinumerik 828 D Operate control. This advanced machine offers precision, versatility, and efficiency at a competitive price.

Why Choose the Used SMEC NS 2000 BM?

Precision Machining: With the sophisticated Sinumerik 828 D Operate control, the SMEC NS 2000 BM ensures precise and reproducible machining results for a variety of materials.

Versatility: Combining turning and milling capabilities, the NS 2000 BM is highly versatile, catering to a wide range of manufacturing tasks with ease.

Efficiency and Productivity: Featuring high spindle speeds and rapid tool changes, the NS 2000 BM enables efficient machining with reduced cycle times, enhancing overall productivity.

Reliability and Innovation: Manufactured by the renowned Samsung Machine Tools Company (SMEC), the NS 2000 BM is synonymous with reliability, innovation, and advanced technology, ensuring top-notch performance.

Why Buy Used?

Investing in a used SMEC NS 2000 BM from the 2023 model year with the Sinumerik 828 D Operate control offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Used machines provide significant savings while delivering the same level of performance and precision, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize their manufacturing processes.


The SMEC NS 2000 BM with the Sinumerik 828 D Operate control, manufactured in 2023, is an excellent investment for manufacturing companies looking to enhance precision, versatility, and efficiency. By opting for a used machine, you can acquire advanced machining capabilities at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality. Invest in the NS 2000 BM and elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights of productivity and quality.
Type of machineNS 2000 BM
Year of manufacture2023
Control systemSinumerik 828 D Operate
Torque on the spindle211 Nm
Diameter of spindle bore76 mm
spindel speed4500 1/min
Total power requirement45 kW
Cutting diameter288 mm
ControlCNC (Sinumerik 828 D Operate)
Machine's weight3,19 t
Overall dimensions3250 x 1580 x 1710 mm
Tailstock sleeve diameter62 mm
Tailstock sleeve travel80 mm
Traverse X-axis175 mm
Traverse Z-axis350 mm
Tailstock sleeve clampMT 4
Bar diameter68 mm
Tool drive power5,5 kW
Power-driven tool holding fixture4 pcs / stück
Turret, number of tool slots / of which number of power-driven tools is12/12 BMT 45
Power-driven tool torque35 Nm
Spindle power18,8 kW
Maschinenart: CNC Dreh- und Fräszentrum
Lieferzeit: : Sofort
Drehlänge: 243 mm
Schwingdurchmesser über Bett: 565 mm
Schwingdurchmesser über Querschlittenführung: 395 mm
Eilgänge X- und Y-Achse: 36 m/min
Drehzahl angetr. Werkzeuge: 5000 1/min
Reitstockverschiebung manuell: 350 mm
Kraftspannfutter-Durchmesser: 210 mm
Werkzeughalter statisch: 8 pcs / Stück
Hochdruckkühlung: 10 bar
Rollengeführte neue Hochleistungs-CNC-Drehmaschine mit angetriebenen Werkzeugen und Reitstock.
Maschinen werden als Lagermaschinen ohne Gewährleiytung verkauft. In den ersten 6 Monaten werden Ersatzteile auf Gewährleistung geliefert ohne Montage.

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