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Robot welding machine LORCH Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3, Year of manifacturing 2021

"Robot welding machine LORCH Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3, Year of manifacturing 2021"

InsertionNo. # P0204981
Machine type: Robot welding machine
Manufacturer: LORCH
Year of manifacturing: 2021
Type: Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p205942
  • ID: P0204981
  • 55
  • 2024-03-06
  • Price
  • on request

Buy LORCH Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3:

Looking for a top-notch robot welding machine to enhance your manufacturing capabilities? Explore the exceptional LORCH Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3 from the year 2021 – now available for purchase as a high-quality used unit!

Our used LORCH Cobot welding machine delivers precise and efficient welding with cutting-edge technology. The UR10 CB3 ensures an optimal balance between performance and flexibility, making it ideal for various welding applications.

Why Choose the LORCH Cobot UR10 CB3?

Latest Technology: The 2021 manufacturing year ensures that you benefit from the latest developments and innovations in welding technology.
High Precision: The UR10 CB3 guarantees precise welding results, even in complex constructions.
Flexibility: With collaborative capabilities, this Cobot can work safely alongside human workers, enhancing efficiency in your manufacturing process.
Benefits of Purchasing Used:

Cost Efficiency: Buying used means acquiring high-quality technology at an affordable price.
Quick Availability: You can immediately capitalize on the advantages of the LORCH Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3.
Proven Performance: With a manufacturing year of 2021, you can trust the proven performance of this welding machine.
Expand your manufacturing capacities and optimize your welding processes with the LORCH Cobot UR10 CB3. Purchase it used now and benefit from peak performance at the best price!

Contact us today for more information and secure your LORCH Cobot Welding Package UR10 CB3 from the year 2021!
Type of machineCobot Welding Package UR10 CB3
Year of manufacture2021
Max. workpiece weight- kg
Current power- kVA
Number of steering axles-
Torque bis 45 Nm
Delivery periodsofort, nach Absprache
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Schweißroboter
Ausstattung / Beschreibung:
- Optimal für Aluminiumanwendungen
- Komplettes Set aus Cobot und Lorch Schweißequipment
- Schweißanlage mit Spezial-Cobot-Interface,
Full-Process-Ausstattung und Kühlsystem mit
erhöhter Kühlleistung, bei Bedarf auch als Handanlage einsetzbar
Technische Daten
Schweißbereich (in A) 25-400
ED 100% 40°C (in A) 320
ED 60% 40°C (in A) 350
ED bei max. Strom 50%
- PushPull Cobot-Brenner mit 3,5 m Schlauchpaketlänge und Zweikreiskühlung
- Brennererstausrüstungsset für Aluminium 1,0/1,2 mm
- Galgen-Ausleger mit Balancer und Leitungshalter für ein optimales
Zusätzlich: (optional erhältlich)
- SIEGMUND Schweißtisch
- RotateOne Drehpositionierer mit 200mm 3-Backenfutter
- integriert in die Cobotsteuerung (keine Zusätzliche Steuerung)
Technische Daten
Drehgeschwindigkeit bis 90°/s
Tragkraft 120 kg
Kippwinkel -10° bis 90° (Manuell)

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