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Rotary transfer machine MIKRON NAM - 10, Year of manifacturing 2012

"Rotary transfer machine MIKRON NAM - 10, Year of manifacturing 2012"

InsertionNo. # P0203533
Machine type: Rotary transfer machine
Manufacturer: MIKRON
Year of manifacturing: 2012
Type: NAM - 10
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p204494
  • ID: P0203533
  • 105
  • 2024-02-24
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  • on request

Buy MIKRON NAM - 10:

If you're in the market for a reliable and efficient Rotary Transfer Machine, consider the MIKRON NAM - 10 manufactured in 2012, equipped with CNC control. This used machine presents a cost-effective opportunity to enhance your manufacturing capabilities with cutting-edge technology.

The MIKRON NAM - 10, boasting a production year of 2012, is renowned for its precision and versatility in handling intricate machining tasks. The inclusion of CNC control ensures accurate and programmable operations, enabling you to achieve superior productivity and maintain high-quality standards in your manufacturing processes.

Purchasing a used Rotary Transfer Machine like the MIKRON NAM - 10 not only provides you with advanced manufacturing capabilities but also offers a budget-friendly alternative to acquiring state-of-the-art equipment. This machine has been well-maintained, assuring you of its reliability and readiness to meet your production requirements.

Seize the opportunity to streamline your production processes by integrating the MIKRON NAM - 10 Rotary Transfer Machine into your workflow. Acquiring this dependable machine is a strategic investment that can contribute to the overall efficiency and success of your manufacturing operations.

For more details and information on the availability of this used MIKRON NAM - 10 Rotary Transfer Machine, contact us today. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with this precision-engineered and CNC-controlled machine from 2012.
Type of machineNAM - 10
Year of manufacture2012
Total power requirement75 kW
Machine's weight10 t
Grinding screw diameteryes
Overall dimensions7 x 3 x 3,2 m
Table diameter800 mm
Delivery periodsofort
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Rundtaktmaschine
-Rundtaktmaschine mit Vertikal-Tisch
-Werkstücke 40x40x80 mm
-Maschinesystem mit 10 Bearbeitungsstationen
-Höchste Präzision für variable Produtionslosgrössen
-100% CNC Flexibilität
• Bis zu 120 Teile / Minute
• Schnelle Drehzahl des Transfertisches von 0,4"
• Bis zu 18 Bearbeitungen können gleichzeitig
durchgeführt werden•
- Vorschubeinheit
• Hochleistungsspindeln
• 100% CNC-gesteuert für einfache und schnelle Umrüstungen• Schnell
austauschbare Spannvorrichtungen
mit automatischer Neupositionierung der CNC-Achse
• Bearbeitung auf 6 Seiten mit Vorbearbeitung auf Draht oder Stange• Großes
Bearbeitungsspektrum ist möglich, einschließlich des direkten Drehens auf Draht
oder Stange
, die zugeführt
wird• Schwerlastbearbeitungen werden schnell und präzise durchgeführt – direkt
auf dem Draht oder der Stange

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