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Section Steel Shear GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD

"Section Steel Shear GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD"

InsertionNo. # P0201970
Machine type: Section Steel Shear
Manufacturer: GEKA
Type: Bendicrop 130 SD
Condition: neu
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p202931
  • ID: P0201970
  • 186
  • 2024-01-15
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  • on request
  • HESSE+CO Maschinenfabrik GesmbH
  • Herr Cristopher Hesse
  • +43/2236/638 70-0
  • Inserate online

Buy GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD:

Revolutionize your metalworking processes with the state-of-the-art Section Steel Shear - GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD. This multifunctional machine not only delivers precise cutting capabilities but also excels at punching profile and flat steel. Discover why investing in the GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD is a strategic move for your fabrication requirements.

Key Features of the GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD:
The GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD stands out for its versatility and performance. This section steel shear is designed to accurately cut and punch profiles and flat steel. With its robust construction and advanced technology, it provides a reliable solution for challenging tasks in the metalworking industry. The machine's operation is straightforward and efficient.

Why Buy the GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD?
Acquiring the Section Steel Shear GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD allows you to benefit from cutting-edge technology that has proven itself in numerous applications. This machine not only delivers precise cutting and punching results but also offers a cost-effective alternative to brand-new equipment. The GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD is ideal for workshops valuing flexibility and efficiency.

Technical Specifications Overview:

Model: GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD
Function: Section Steel Shear with Punching Capability
Advantages of Your Purchase:

Versatile Applicability: The GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD can cut and punch profiles and flat steel.
Robust Construction: This section steel shear is designed for demanding applications.
Efficient Operation: The easy handling ensures a smooth workflow.
Cost Efficiency: Purchasing the GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD provides cutting-edge technology at an attractive price.
Invest in efficiency and versatility with the Section Steel Shear GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD. This machine offers precise cutting and punching capabilities, making it an ideal solution for metalworking workshops. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote for the GEKA Bendicrop 130 SD.
  • HESSE+CO Maschinenfabrik GesmbH

  • Herr Cristopher Hesse
  • , Germany

  • Sent request
Type of machineBendicrop 130 SD
Motor capacity15 kW
Stroke80 mm
Sweep600 mm
Number of positions5
Operating manualin DEUTSCH oder ENGLISCH
Sheet steel600x18 (max. 600x20 mit D mm
Angle steel120x120x11 (max. 150x150x mm
Forming force130 to
Delivery periodca. 8 Wochen ab Auftragse
Guide1000 mm mit elektr. Kontakt, für die Winkel- bzw. Flacheisenstation
Price47200 €
Maschinenart: Profilstahlschere
Zustand: neu
Leasingrate: 958.16 €
Zylinder: 2
Max. Durchmesser bei Blechstärke (Baustahl): 50x18 mm
Rund-/Quadratstahl: 45/40 mm
Ausklinker: 130x12 mm
Abkantvorrichtung: 250x12 mm
Hydraulischer Antrieb
2 Fußpedale für unabhängiges Arbeiten an Lochstanz- und Profilstation
Abkantstation mit 2 Matrizen, V50 und V90
Winkeleisenstation mit Rund- und Quadratschneidmöglichkeit
Manueller Niederhalter für Flach- und Winkeleisenstation
Dreieck-Ausklinkstation mit Tisch und Anschlag
Lochstanzvorrichtung mit Tisch und Anschlag
Entsprechende den CE-Bestimmungen

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