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 Folders OSTAS OKS 1300 photo on Industry-Pilot
Operational weight 300 kg | Control konventionell |
Year of manifacturing 2021
  • Year of manifacturing:
  • 2021
  • Operational weight 300 kg | Control konventionell |

Offset press

 Offset press HEIDELBERG PM 52-2+ photo on Industry-Pilot
x | 56 mio |
Year of manifacturing 2005
  • Year of manifacturing:
  • 2005
  • x | 56 mio |
Купить бу Offset press в отличном состоянии. Производитель оборудования HEIDELBERG модель PM 52-2 Дата выпуска данного станка 2005 год. : x, : 56 mio,


 Letterpress HEIDELBERG Druckmaschine photo on Industry-Pilot
Operational weight 800 kg | Control konventionell |
Year of manifacturing ca.
  • Year of manifacturing:
  • ca.
  • Operational weight 800 kg | Control konventionell |

Used Machines

Used machines

Used machines – a great solution for industrial companies and workshops

Operating workshops and industrial companies can be difficult nowadays because advertising costs are very high while there is no guarantee for sales and profit. One possibility that saves costs in a lawful and useful way is the purchase of used machines.

Why is the purchase of used machines beneficial?

First of all, the purchasing price of used machines is much lower. Older machines have less or even no electronic parts at all which makes them more interference-resistant. That means that these parts are less likely to be broken or in bad conditions. They do not have to be repaired or replaced so often.

Other benefit is the fact that used machines do not require power and ensure maximum freedom for installation. Older and used machines are extremely tough and resistant. They have very modest demands for the conditions of use or the area. Used machines guarantee that the processing is high in quality. They usually last longer than new machines and cut costs for the operating company.

Overview of benefits that used machines have:

  • Lower prices
  • Used machines can be easily adapted
  • They do not have any special requirements for the given space
  • Lower electricity- and maintenance costs
  • Higher resistance to interference
  • Longer service life

The most secure way to buy used machines

A reliable online shop is the safest and best place for the purchase of used machines. The customer has access to the online shop all the time. It is less hectic and the customer is not put under pressure: He is quietly able to sit back and consider how and where to make uselful investments. Furthermore, there are always different photos given that demonstrate the current state of the machine that makes the estimation of the usability a lot easier. Plus, the potential buyer receives a decription of the products with information about the age, condition and manufacturers. The probability is zero that there will possibly be a wrong decision. Purchasing products in an online shop is more than worthwhile maily because of the favourable prices.

Overview of benefits that an online purchase has:

  • The purchase can be made anytime
  • It´s flexible and not stressful at all
  • Photos and descriptions reduce the probability of a wrong decision
  • Lower prices than in usual shops
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