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Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC, Year of manifacturing 2008

"Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC, Year of manifacturing 2008"

InsertionNo. # P0202951
Machine type: Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column
Manufacturer: DÖRRIES
Year of manifacturing: 2008
Type: VCE 2400 / 220 MC
Condition: used
Attended time: h
Number of reference: p203912
  • ID: P0202951
  • 111
  • 2024-01-31
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  • on request

Buy DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC:

Are you in search of a high-precision and reliable solution for your turning operations? Consider acquiring a used Single Column Vertical Turret Lathe - the DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC, manufactured in 2008, equipped with the advanced Siemens 840 D control. This machine is known for its precision, performance, and versatility, offering an exceptional solution for a wide range of turning applications.

Why consider the DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC?

Precision Turning Operations: With a manufacturing year of 2008, this Single Column Vertical Turret Lathe provides precise turning operations for complex components and parts.

Siemens 840 D Control: The advanced Siemens 840 D control ensures precise and efficient machining operations, making the machine particularly powerful and flexible.

Cost-Effective Solution: Opting for a used Vertical Turret Lathe is a financially savvy decision, providing top-notch performance without the cost associated with a new machine.

Robust Construction: Designed for industrial use, the DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC features a robust construction that ensures longevity and a long, productive operational life.

Versatility: This machine is suitable for a variety of turning applications, making it an ideal choice for different industrial sectors.

Investing in a used Single Column Vertical Turret Lathe like the DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC is a strategic move to meet your turning requirements. Benefit from proven technology, precision, and significant cost savings for your manufacturing processes.

Seize the opportunity to optimize your turning capabilities. Contact us now to inquire about the availability of the used DÖRRIES VCE 2400 / 220 MC from 2008 and take a step toward enhancing your production processes.
Type of machineVCE 2400 / 220 MC
Year of manufacture2008
Control systemSiemens 840 D
x-travel+- 1350 mm
z-travel1500 mm
Total power requirement kW
Max. workpiece weight17000 kg
Speed range250 U/min
Machine's weight62,5 t
Drive power100 kW
Overall dimensions m
Swing2400 mm
Turning height2145 mm
Drive power – milling spindle37 kW
Torque35700 Nm
Drilling, milling assemblyyes
Delivery periodnach Vereinbarung
Diameter2200 mm
Price Auf Anfrage
Maschinenart: Karusselldrehmaschine - Einständer
Drehzahlbereich - C-Achse: 0,0025 - 3,15 U/min
Kleinstes Eingabeinkrement der C-Achse: 1/1000 °
Drehzahlstufen des Hauptgetriebes: 2
Positionierung des Querbalken - Rasterabstand: 100 mm
Verstellgeschwindigkeit des Querbalkens: 400 mm/min
Rechter Querbalkensupport:
Meißelschieberquerschnitt: 250 x 250 mm
Eintauchdurchmesser: 340 mm
Abstand d. Frässpindel zur Mischinentischoberkante: 62,5 mm
- Querbalken verstellbar
- Kopf/ Werkzeugmagazin
- C-Achse
- Winkelfräskopf
- diverse Werkzeughalter
- Renishah Messtaster
- Späneförderer
- Zentrale Kühlmittelanlage
- Dokumentation
insgesamt sind 7 Dörries Karusseldrehmaschinen in 4 Ausführungen verfügbar

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